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Established 45 years ago, Houston-based Foam Kote is a father-and-sons owned and operated company specializing in commercial and industrial insulating and roofing. Butch Umberger and his two sons, Archie and Cyrus, run the business, along with Butch’s business partner. All three family members worked together towards improving the local Texas communities - one spray foam insulation project at a time.


commercial spray foam insulation


Considering most commercial properties are large, robust affairs with thousands of squarefootage (structurally speaking), it's only prudent that the insulation that is applied throughout the property is designed to not only be long-lasting and durable but also consistent in its coverage and capacity to properly insulate the structure in its entirety.

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roofing spray foam insulation


Regardless of the dimensions, slope, or material composition of a property's roofing system, it is widely understood that inadequate, outdated, or subpar insulation can wreak havoc on the comfort, accommodations, and livibility that a given property has to offer.

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automotive spray foam insulation


Another key benefit of spray foam insulation is in its capacities for widespread application and innovative functionality. For example, many land-based and marine-based vehicles are greatly improved (insulation-wise) when professioanlly treated with spray foam insulation.

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equipment spray foam insulation


While similar in concept and versatility regarding usage as its application in various vehicular or automotive capacities, spray foam insulation that is targeted towards refrigeration and cooling equipment also has the added perk of being reasonable in pricing as well.

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WHY Choose Foam Kote Inc.


At Foam Kote Inc, you can be sure the team handling the insulation of your office, vehicle, or equipment are not only proficient and skilled in their respective spray foam insulation field but are are also licensed, bonded, and insured for overall safety. We work with businesses, shipping yards, and industrial transportation facilities to ensure our fellow Texas residents have ample coverage concerning any spray foam insulation needs. Our commercial and industrial insulation options typically entail the insulation of attics, crawlspaces, framework, roofing systems, and property additions. We also fulfill specialty spray foam insulation capacities as needed, per customer request.

spray foam insulation

With Foam Kote Inc, no commercial or industrial property is too big or too small for us to provide our world-class spray foam insulation services for. It is our goal to provide thorough, affordable, and long-lasting spray foam insulation services that you can rely on for longevity and reliability. Please continue browsing our website to learn more about specific options and applications for our spray foam insulation services and/or spray foam insulation coverage.

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spray foam insulation
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spray foam insulation
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spray foam insulation

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We Believe A Broad, Well-Rounded Approach Is Best For Our Clients

spray poly-urethane foam roofing

commercial spray foam insulation

metal roof coating restoration

polyurea coatings

industrial/commercial roof coatings (acyrlic, silicone, urehtane, polyurea)

hot tank insulation


switch-gear buildings

shrimp boats

cryogenic tank insulation

tanker trailer insulation

cold tank insulation

cryogenic trailer insulation

cooler insulation

freezer insulation

refrigeration insulation

rail car insulation

pour foam barges

liquid applied roof coatings

pour foam buoys

multi family foam insulation

metal building foam insulation

van insulation

internal gutter repair

chicken houses

geodesic homes

container foam insulation

block fill insulation

pipeline insulation

trench breakers

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