About Bayer BaySystems

Bayer BaySystems produces customized solutions based on proven polyurethane system brands and unrivaled experience garnered from a worldwide network. You will always find BaySystems ready to listen to your needs and give you a reliable response in your language. We also draw on the wide-ranging polyurethane expertise of our colleagues from Bayer Material Science, as producers of high-quality polyurethane raw materials. At Bay Systems, all activities concerning quality, safety and environmental protection are integrated in a single global management system.


Intelligent thermal insulation

Baymer® Spray is a high-grade thermal insulating material noted for its outstanding flexibility in application because it is produced on the building site. This means that the fast and effective insulation of flat or complex surfaces in variable layer thicknesses is no longer a problem. For the specialist, the absence of joins – and thus of thermal bridges – in the insulating material is very important. Baymer® Spray is the perfect solution: it produces a seamless insulating layer and is economical into the bargain.

Baymer® Spray is used in a wide variety of construction applications, such as housing, industrial buildings, roof insulation, renovation of old buildings etc.

The advantages of Baymer® Spray

  • High insulating capacity thanks to low thermal conductivity
  • Seamless insulation layer prevents thermal bridges
  • Good water vapor permeability allows the building to "breathe"
  • Water-repellent and water impermeable due to closed-cell structure
  • High flexibility in application allows easy insulation of complex surfaces

Insulation for industrial building roofs Protection from the sun’s heat

It is not only on the beach that people need to protect ourselves from exposure to the hot summer sun. The roofs of industrial buildings also have to be protected to prevent the radiant heat entering the building and making workplaces uncomfortable or even unhealthy. The simple, fast application of Baymer® Spray not only provides the necessary heat protection, it also lowers energy costs for air conditioning inside the building. 

Wall insulation for housing construction
Seamless and highly effective

Baymer® Spray offers various options for insulating house facades: 

  • Application to the outside of the facade
  • Cavity insulation for double wall constructions
  • Insulation of the inside of the facade

The spray foam system is applied continuously and does not leave any joins. It can be applied quickly and provides effective insulation without the need for additional fixing materials. Thanks to the material's low thermal conductivity, the thickness of the insulation is reduced, thus creating more living space. The insulation of columns, window frames and roller blind housings is child's play with Baymer® Spray.

At a glance:

  • Extra space thanks to thin insulation layer
  • Adapts seamlessly to any substrate
  • Rapid, easy application