SPF Coatings & Recoats


There are two main purposes for coatings in regard to roofing. Firstly, all SPF roofing requires a coating to protect the foam from the sun's ultra-violet rays, which can deteriorate the foam. Secondly, in many instances where the roof deck and substrate are in relatively good condition with only minimal damage to the membrane, a new spray-applied coating can extend the life of the roof for up to 20 years, this being cost effective option in roof maintenance.

There are four main coatings used in these applications.

  • Acrylic
  • Silicone
  • Urethanes
  • Polyurea


Recoat of Existing Roof

Another application in which spray coatings can be very effective is in the case of an existing structure that is in relatively good condition, with only minor issues. Many times, this roof's life can be extended by spraying a protective, elastomeric coating over the existing roof deck, sealing all imperfections. This process is extremely cost-effective, as it is a proactive way of preserving a roof for an additional 10-20 years. If allowed to deteriorate, the costs can rise significantly when having to budget for a tear off and a re-roof.

With the emergence of the installation of solar systems in commercial facilities, building owners will want to ensure the quality of their roof prior to installation of the solar panels. By simply recoating the roof, this can be achieved nominally in comparison to a reroof. Additionally, the solar panels function best at temperatures of 80-90 degrees. A black roof can reach up to 170 degrees, in contrast to white rooftops, which reflect the suns heat and keep the roof cooler.